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First Baptist Church was founded on April 30, 1905, at an organizational meeting in Galax, where the church was established with the assistance of Baptists in Fries, Pulaski, and Wytheville. Twenty charter members made up the original church’s membership as the Galax Baptist Church, but no other written records of church activity and administration exist until January 5, 1907, when the Rev. W.J. Banks was recorded as pastor of the church. The first mention of a church building comes from the minutes of a meeting on April 2, 1907, which states that “the most important subject before the conference was to complete the church at once.” This building, located on Block 17, lot 2 of Oldtown Street, still stands today and is now occupied by the Mountain View Friends Church.

The church grew in numbers over the next few decades, organizing groups like the Woman’s Missionary Society, the Girl’s Auxiliary, the Sunbeams, and the Baptist Young People’s Union. In 1923, the church employed its first full-time pastor, Rev. A.G. McGee, and built a new church building on Main Street on property donated by Mr. E.B. Lenox in 1928, which bore a plaque naming the congregation as “First Baptist Church.”

First Baptist Church has, from its inception, been evangelistic and mission-oriented in nature. Continued increase in attendance compelled the church to build an educational building, and the congregation formed a mission on the south end of Galax in 1947, which became the Hillcrest Baptist Church. In addition, the church also assisted in the development and constitution of the Calvary Baptist Church in Galax and held worship services in the brickyard section of the city, which would eventually lead to the formation of the East Galax Baptist Church.

Under the pastoral guidance of Rev. James C. Pickens, the current church building was constructed, with dedication services being held on May 16, 1971. During the next couple of decades, First Baptist continued to engage in missions and outreach, including trips to Southern India and the Outer Banks, the formation of the Baptist Free Medical Clinic in 1992, which functioned under a group of volunteer physicians and other workers as a non-profit “clinic without walls” that accepted patients who qualified as to need, and the founding of a Hispanic church mission in 2001, which remains under the pastoral care of Rev. Ricardo Alvarado.

With Dr. Winford Hendrix serving as transition pastor, First Baptist Church continues to seek God’s wisdom and guidance in carrying out His mission and spreading the good news for the Galax community and the world.

The following was furnished by The Dixon and Garner Families


The organizational meeting of the Baptist Church of Galax was held on April 30, 1905. The work was established in Galax with the assistance of Baptist people in Fries, Pulaski and Wytheville. The original church membership consisted of twenty charter members and Rev. W. L. Richardson was called as pastor. There are no existing written records of church activities from the organization date until January 5, 1907, at which time Rev. W. J. Banks is recorded as pastor. Lost records must tell the story of the beginning of a church building. The minutes of a meeting on April 27, 1907, state that the most important subject before the conference was to complete the church at once." The location of the building was Block 17, lot 2, Oldtown Street. This building still stands and is now occupied by the Friends Church. During these years it was the custom of many churches to call a pastor for only one year, especially in rural areas, as they were unable to support full-lime pastors and this was the case of Galax Baptist Church. On January 2, 1909, Rev. W. E. Lankford was called to succeed Rev. Banks, but there is no record of his acceptance. Among the earliest pastors of the church were Rev. J. I-I. Spaulding, Rev. Sam N. Hurst, Rev. R. K. Johnson, Rev. E. S. Vaughan, and Rev. C. E. Anderson. Some years found the church without a pastor. Many of the written records from this period are not available.

In January of 1915, Rev. C. E. Anderson was called to be pastor of the church and in February of the same year a committee was appointed to canvas the membership to take subscriptions on his salary. Rev. Anderson was asked to serve a second year as pastor in 1916.

Sometime during the 1915-1916 period, the church changed its meeting date from Saturday night to Sunday night and in February, 1918, Prayer Services were changed from Thursday night to Wednesday night. The minutes of June 27, 1920, show that Rev. G. A. Chocklett was pastor. In 1923, the church took a big step forward and employed its first full­time pastor, Rev. A. G. McGee.
By 1924, church records show that the Woman's Missionary Society, the Girl's Auxiliary, the Sunbeams, and the Baptist Young People's Union were organized along with other active church groups.

In March, 1926, Rev. J. R. Johnson became pastor at a salary of $2,700.00 a year. During this period, there were many references to revivals and the growth of the church. The congregation was active in the New River Baptist Association and the earliest minutes tell of the election of delegates to attend association meetings.

The growth of the congregation is reflected in the appointment of a committee in July, 1926, to make recommondations for a new location and plans for a new church building. In March, 1927, thc committee recommended tbat the new building be erected on Main Streer and property was donated by Mr. E. B. Lenox for the new site. 1. Henry Brown, B. C. Vaughan, and E. B. Lenox served as the building committee and the project was completed in May, 1928, at a cost of $65,000.00. The plaque on the front of the building named the church as the First Baptist Church of Galax, indicating that the name was changed at this time or sometimc prior to the new construction.

On January 31, 1932, Thomas Fryer was ordaincd at First Baptist to servc in the gospel ministry. This is the first occurrence in church records of a man being ordained by the church. In November, 1933, the church extended a call to Rcv. John Leslic Hart, pastor of the Leigh Street Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia. He acccpted and served as pastor until August, 1936.

In January, 1937, Rev. Herbert R. Carlton, of Kenova, West Virginia, was called as pastor. Rev. & Mrs. Carlton moved to Galax, with their two children, a son Herb, Jr., and a daughter Carolyn. Rev. Carlton's ministry was the occasion for many steps forward by the church. In 1938, a Hammond Organ and chimes wcre given to the church by Mrs. E. B. Lenox in memory of her husband E. B. Lenox. During thesc years Mrs. Thelma Hampton was music director and Mrs. Gussie Rudolph was organist. In 1940, growth in thc church's educational ministries necessitated plans for the construction of an educational building. This building was not to be completce, however, until 1951. In the year 1943, six Life Deacons were appointed: Genc Carico, C. E. Kanode, C. A. Collier, Dr. J. M. Powell, E. M. Lindsey, and B. C. Vaughan. The rolating system of deacons was also instituted  at this time. Another major step in the church's growth was the employmcnt, in 1945, of its first full-time educational director, Miss Hope Blanchard. First Baptist Church has, from its organization, been evangelistic in nature and mission-oriented in its programs. Rev. Carlton, during his ministry, also served on the Baptist Board of Missions and Education for the Virginia Baptist General Association for two terms, 1942-1945 and 1945-1948.

May, 1946, Mrs. Ruby Porter had a beautiful scene of the Jordon Rivcr painted on the back wall of the baptistery.

Mrs. Carlton was very active in the ministry of the church, serving as Superintendent of the Youth Sunday School and Training Union Departments, as well as with all church ministries and activities.

In September, 1947, a mission was formed on the south end of Galax on Highway 89. in October, 1947, the church bought a lot for the mission at the price of $900.00. In May, 1948, funds were transferred for the mission to the newly organized and several letters were granted to persons helping to organize it. On October 19, 1949, the church on Main Street took as its goal the completion of the new educational building by October I, 1950. The new structure was built at a cost of $75,000.00 and was occupied in May of 1951.

In April, 1952, Rev. Carlton submitted his resignation as pastor of First Baptist Church to accept a position as Secretary for Eagle Eyrie, to make plans for construction and holding assemblies.

In November, 1952, the church extended a call to Rev. Roben F. Cochran, Jr., pastor of First Baptist Church, Piedmont, South Carolina, to become the pastor. He accepted and Rev. Cochran, his wife Jo and three Sons came to Galax. Rev. Cochran began his ministry January II, 1953, and served First Baptist Church of Galax until December, 1957. Some statistics given on his fourth anniversary were: 400 additional members in four years, debt reduced from $86,000.00 to $30,000.00, and church budget increased from $22,000.00 to $67,000.00. The church library was started in 1954, with Harold Stevens elected church librarian. On May 9, 1954, the church voted to purchase the Giersch propcrty next door to its building, consisting of a lot and two buildings, for $80,000.00. The congregation's involvement in missions was expressed again in 1954, as it assisted in the development and constitution of the Calvary Baptist Church in Galax.
On August 21, 1955, First Baptist held its first Homecoming and celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

In January, 1956, the church again reached out in a mission project and worship services were begun in the brickyard section of the city. A very strategic ministry of communication was initiated in 1957 as the church bulletin, called "The First Baptist" was mailed to the home of each member. This weekly mailing is now entitled "The Forerunner" and serves a vital need in our church family life. In June, 1958, the church purchased the C. W. Higgins, Jr., property on Lafayette Street for $25,000.00 to serve as a parsonage.

Serving with Rev. Cochran during his ministry at First Baptist Church, Galax was Rev. J.L. Bryson ("Buddy"), as associate pastor, 1953 -1955. Following Rev. Bryson was Miss Edwina Hunter serving as educational director from 1955 -1957.

In November, 1957, Rev. Cochran resigned as pastor to become pastor at Bon Aire Baptist Church, Richmond, VA.

January 15, 1958, Rev. J. P. Gulley was called to serve as interim pastor for three months. Following Rev. Gulley, Dr. Joe Hough, Jr., served as interim pastor until Rev. Claxton Hall, pastor at Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, was called to become full-lime pastor of Galax First Baptist Church. Rev. Hall, along with his wife Alice Lea and small daughter Jeannie (age 3\12), began his ministry August 3, 1958. Their son Dwayne was born after the family came to Galax.

Under Rev. Hall's ministry, the church showed continued progress and active participation in all programs of the church. He was very involved with the youth and many young people accepted Christ as Savior. Also in 1959, the kindergarten became under the direct supervision of the church.

July, 1959, Rev. Kenneth Archer came to Galax First Baptist Church to serve as associate pastor and minister of music until December, 1960. June I, 1961, Rev. Leon Castle was called to become minister of education and music. He served until November 28,1965.

During Rev. Hall's ministry, First Baptist Church reached out again in a mission project. In 1961 the church voted to purchase the property on the corner of Jefferson and Washington Streets for the expansion needs of the church on Main Street.

In September, 1961, the church voted to organize and maintain a mission on Givens Street and provide adequate facilities and persollnel. A house on Givens Street was purchased for that purpose.

In 1962 the church contracted with Radio Station WBOB-FM to broadcast the Sunday evening service for the next year.

Rev. Hall's ministry continued until May, 1962.

June 2, J962, Rev. Charles F. Leek was called to serve as interim for three months. Rev. L. D. Ussery served as interim until Rev. Pickens began his ministry.

On August 19, 1962, the church voted to call Rev. James C. Pickens, pastor of West Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, to serve as its pastor. Rev. Pickens, his wife Clarine, and their son, James, came to Galax October 7, 1962, and Rev. Pickens served First Baptist until 1976 and gave leadership to the church during a very strategic period in its life and ministry.


November, 1965, Mr. Tom Gatewood was called as minister of education and youth and served until August, 1967.

In March, 1963, Rev. Robert Cassell was called to serve as pastor of Givens Street Mission, which is now East Galax Baptist Church. The East Galax Baptist Church had its beginnings with the Brickyard Mission in 1956. In December of 1967, Rev. Dennis F. Neill came to First Baptist as minister of education and youth. On June 30, 1968, David Edward Roberts was ordained to the gospel ministry, and served as associate pastor and educational director during the summer months.

A gift of a piano for the sanctuary as a memorial to Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Dixon was given by the family. Also, a wooden arch was installed above the baptistery in the sanctuary in memory of Mrs. Mae Burge, given by her husband N. F. Burge.

During the ministry of Rev. Pickens, it became evident that additional space was needed for the church to continue to grow and meet the needs of its ministries. A long range planning committee was formed and in 1964 the recommendation was made  that the church buy 12.39 acres of land for $28,467.00 on the new Hillsville Highway to be used as the site for a new church plant. The contract was awarded to J. E. Davis & Sons of Galax at the cost or $850,000.00. On August 25, 1968, groundbreaking for the new project was held and the congregation moved to its new facilities in 1970. Dedication services were held on May 16, 1971. A Grandfather clock, built by Rev. Carlton, was placed in the church parlor in memory of his wife, Mrs. Annie Carlton.

In 1972 a memorial board was placed in the rear hall of the church listing memorials given in memory of deceased church members.

Several new slaff ministers came to First Baptist during Rev. Pickens' ministry. In 1970, Hilton Moore was employed as youth and education director. The music ministry of the church grew in 1974 as Lanny Johnson was employed as choir director, Mrs. Ruth Winsette as organists, and initiated a program of graded choirs. In 1976, the church employed Richard Rudolph as minister of music. The music ministry took another step forward in September of that same year when a set of hand bells were donated to the church by Mr. C.W. Higgins in memory of his wife, Mrs. Margaret V. Higgins and the handbell choir program began. Rev. & Mrs. Pickens were very involved in community service while in Galax. Mrs. Clarine Pickens taught at Galax High School and served tirelessly in church, school, and community activities. The Pickens' ministry at First Baptist came to an end in March of 1976.

Dr. Charles Taylor of Radford, Virginia, was called to be the interim pastor. Dr. Taylor served as interim pastor from March 1976, umil May, 1977. Dr. Taylor was a Professor of Religion at Radford University and his wife, Ann, was director of the Baptist Student Union there. They were very inspirational and interpretive leaders during this time at Galax.

In May, 1977, Dr. Kenneth Hemphill was called to serve as pastor. Dr. Hemphill, his wife Paula and two daughters Kristina (2 years old) and Rachael (3 months), moved to Galax in May, 1977. A number of significant events took place during Dr. Hemphill's ministry. In 1977 a child's playground was "fenced and equipped, a program for senior citizens was started, mother's day out program began and in October a note-burning ceremony was held to signify the carly retirement of the church's debt. Also, the Good Samaritan Booth at the annual Fiddlers' Convention was started. The youth lounge of the church was equipped in this same year, thus providing the young people with an excellent facility for learning and recreation.

In 1978, the church purchased a grand piano for the sanctuary and called Miss Cindy Morris as minister of music.Rev Michael Curry was called to serve as associate pastor in April of the same year. A church van was also purchased in 1978. During the 1979 church year, a multi-purpose church bus was purchased. Joe Northcut served during the summer months of this year as music intern. In September of 1980, Cindy Morris resigned to further her education in music and Carolyn Davis was hired as interim music director. During 1980, the church began a homebound tape ministry and installed storm windows to conserve energy expenditures.

February, 1981, Rev. Paul Northern became minister of music. Dr. Hemphill and family left Galax in 1981 to accept pastorate of First Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia.

In 1981 Dr. William L. Palmer of Morristown, Tennessee, was called to be the new pastor and he and his wife, Ellen, moved to Galax. In July of the same year, the church council was established to help facilitate better communications and planning among the many ministries and organizations in the church family.

A wonderful addition to the music ministry and worship services of the church was made in 1982, as the congregation installed a Rogers Organ in the sanctuary. A dedication service for the new organ was held on May 2, 1982. Rev. Mike Curry was associate minister, Rev. Paul Northern was the minister of music, Ms. Laura Wright was church organist, and Keith Chapman was guest organist for the dedication.

Two new staff ministers came to First Baptist in 1983. Jerry Maloy was employed as minister of music and Doug Brown as minister of youth and education. During the same year, a memorial board was placed in the church by Mrs. E.J. Richardson. Jr., and Mrs. Pamela Dickerson in memory of their husband and father, E. J. Richardson.

In 1984, Dr. Palmer resigned his pastorate at First Baptist to become President of Harrison-Chilhowie Baptist Academy in Tennessee.

Dr. Don Reid was called to serve as pastor in 1984. During the years that Dr. Reid was pastor, he emphasized the logo "First Baptist Church, a Sharing Community," the church had adopted a few years before his arrival. He was always showing love, concern, and care for his congregation, the community, and missions.

During his tenure Dr. Reid headed a mission team from First Baptist Church to Southern India, which was a second trip for Dr. Reid, and a third was planned for 1986. Also, a group of about thirtyfive Galax First Baptist Church members went on a mission trip to Outer Banks. During the day, Bible School was offered to the childrcn of people who were vacationing in the area as well as to children of the migrant workers. In the evenings Vespers were conducted for the migrant workers. After Vespers refreshments and fellowship was enjoyed.

In 1986, Rev. Doug Brown (minister of education and youth during Dr. Reid's tenure) and his wife, Mary Sue, were appointed to missionary service by the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, to Uganda. A group of Galax First Baptist Church members attended the appointment service on Tuesday, February II, 1986, at Chamberlayne Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia. Mrs. Reid (Sarah) helped to get the singles' ministry of the church organized, which has continued throughout the years. Rev. & Mrs. Reid, with their three children, Charles, Timothy, and Donnie, ended their term at Galax First Baptist Church in 1988.

On March 6, 1988, Dr. Leon H. Hollingsworth, interim pastor, announced that Rev. Carroll Golden would be the new pastor of First Baptist Church starting on Easter Sunday, April 3, 1988. He came to Galax during the week of March 21, 1988, returning to Tennessee to preach until Easter Sunday. Stephen Burnett came as minister of music on August 28, 1988. Bruce Minett, youth and educational minister, left on July 26, 1989. Joe Whisnant came on June 8, 1989, and was hired as youth and educational director.

A Ladies Bible Group was started on October 3, 1988, by Mitzi, our minister's wife and lots of interest was shown. On January 30, 1989, the Bible studies were very well attended by the community with many other churches represented. In 1990, Mitzi organized a Precept Studies by Kay Arthur which was also well attended.

Senior citizens were reorganized in 1989, then changed the name to The Senior Sunshine Group in July, 1990, Tuesday was designated as their meeting day. Joe Whisnant left in November, 1990, and Brent Bond came in May of 1991. Hallelujah night in lieu of Halloween was started on October 27. 1990. It is now known as Fall Festival.

Dinner for six started in January, 1991, and the couples enjoyed the fellowship. The literacy mission for Hispanics was started on October 24, 1991.

During 1992 the Halsey House was purchased by Oak Hill Academy. Galax First Baptist WMU with the help of some Baptist men renovated and furnished a room to be used as a library. Also a Banner Ministry began in 1962.

The Baptist Free Medical Clinic opened July II, 1992. This service to the community was a dream of Dr. Ohlen Wilson (originally from the Galax area) to come back home and help those in need. Dr. Wilson was organizer and director, being assisted by his wife, Martha, a registered nurse.

The Baptist Free Medical Clinic was located in the east wing of the First Baptist Church, Galax, Virginia, and functioned as a free clinic. Volunteers from the community, including physicians, nurses, and W.M.U. members, worked in the clinic. It was a non-profit corporation, composed of nine members of the church and Dr. Robert Pryor was chairman. Mrs. Glennis Morris was secretary and manager. The Baptist Free Medical Clinic is functioning today as "a clinic without walls," which means volunteer doctors accept patients, who qualify as to need, in their offices.
Business men's breakfast, prayer, and Bible study started in August of 1994. Betty Testerman came as secretary in February of 1995 and is still serving in 2004. 1994 Nancy Hazelwood, organists, Jane Edwards, pianist.

Dr. Golden and his wife, Mitzi, started many programs to further our church's ministries. In December, 1995, Dr. Carroll Golden resigned as pastor of First Baptist Church and they are now (2004) serving as missionaries in Costa Rica.

From December, 1995, until July, 1996, Rev. Brent Bond, associate pastor and minister of youth and education, served as interim pastor until he accepted the challenge of starting a new church in Galloway, Ohio, which was initially supported by Galax First Baptist Church.

1996 -Stephen Burnette, minister of music, resigned. John Garner served as interim until Chris Bridges became minister ofmusic in the June of 1999.

Dr. Lawrence Childs, a retired minister residing in Hillsville, Virginia, was called in July, 1996, to serve as interim pastor and served until December, 1997. Dr. Childs was not only a retired minister, but had served as Director of Churches in Missions, Charlotte, North Carolina, and had served in several churches as interim before coming to Galax.

Dr. Childs was a very effective preacher, preaching sermons on diversity, love for each other, harmony. compassion, and forgiveness. During his tenure as interim Betsy Rector Wright was the first lady to be ordained to the ministry on August 30, 1997. On July 13, 1997, Thomasine Calloway Lemons was the first lady to be ordained as deacon in the First Baptist Church of Galax, Virginia.

Mrs. Doris Childs was a very supportive Sunday school and worship presence with a most cheerful personality and Dr. Childs will certainly be remembered for his singing voice as he always ended his sennons with a song. Rev. & Mrs. Childs will also be remembered for the beautiful flowers they grow on their nursery family in Carroll County.

Rev. Slayton accepted the call to become pastor on October 29,1997. Rev. Slayton, his wife Helen, and son Jonathan came to us from Green Run Baptisl Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Early in January of 1998, Rev. Slayton planned a weekend retreat with all of the leaders of the church. This retreat took place at Camp Dickenson. Plans were made for the church and its many ministries.The group worked together on our Mission Statement, which remains the same for today
Rev. Dan Fender came to Galax in 1998 as associale pastor, youth and education director and served until 2001
Chris Bridges came as minister of music in 1999 and is still serving.

Miss Jennifcr Lynn Martin came to First Baptist Church as associate pastor for family ministries in 2001.

In 1996 a brick entrance way to the church was built, being donated by Mrs. Ruby M. Lindamood in memory of her parents, Roby and Pearl Mabe.

During 1999 a bus ministry began. The church vans brought children (primarily Hispanic) living in the area to Sunday School and church and to Wednesday evening activities. A Hispanic Research Committee was organized to considcr the possibility of employing a full time Hispanic Pastor at First Baptist Church. Rev. Ricardo Alvarado was called to this position, October, 2000. January 1, 2001, Rev. Alvarado and his wife, Maria, and thrce children, Ricardo, Jr., Eugcnia, and Rebecca, moved to Galax from Costa Rica.

Rev. Slayton will be remembered for his compassion of all people. He instituted having greeters at the doors and wanted to be sure that everyone felt welcome.

Rev. Slayton was very active in the local Ministerial Association. He was given a position of leadership almost immediately.

Rev. Slayton accepted a call from Powhatan Baptisl Church in the fall of 2001. He stated that he and Helen wishe to be closer to their aging parents and be available to help with their care.

Dr. Paul Parker, an ordained minister and a member of First Baptist Church, served as interim until Rev. Gene Strictland was called as pastor.

Rev. Gene Strickland, his wife Renee, and two daughters Jeona and Rachel, moved to Galax in December, 2002, and Rev. Strictland began his ministry as Senior Pastor of Galax First Baptist Church on January 12, 2003.

During the two years of this ministry he has played an important role in the many different church, school, and community activities, including the Galax Ministerial Association, the New River Baptist Association, and Southern Baptist Convention, organizing and conducting mission trips to Mexico and to Bluefield College to refurbish a building to be used for a missionary in residence program.

With Rev. Strickland's emphasis on evangelism the ROCC ministry (Reaching Our Community for Christ) was formed. This ministry has held many events, such as: honoring departing and returning reserve service units, and Friday night in-house Billy Graham movies for the community.

As Rev. Strickland continues his ministry at Galax First Baptist Church we look forward to future spiritual growth.

First Baptist Church has always expressed its identity as a "Missionary Baptist Church." Through the years, the congregation has supported local, state, and foreign missions through the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program of world mission support. Above and beyond this systematic mission giving, the church has helped numerous individuals and organizations. The first individual missionary supported by the church was Rev. Robert L. Bausum. He was appointed by the Foreign Mission Board in 1951 and served in Formosa. Financial aid has also gone to Miss Nellie Pavluk and to the Sallie Cline family on assignment in Botswana and to many other mission ministries.

First Baptist has sponsored four local missions to this point in its history: the Hillcrest Baptist Church, Midway Heights (now non-existent), the East Galax Baptist Church, and Calvary Baptist Church.

To meet clothing needs of local residents, the Benevolence Room has been in operation for many years. Thousands of items of clothing are distributed by our members through this ministry annually. Also, a church discretionary fund is budgeted annually to meet emergency needs in the community.

In addition to institutional and individual support of missionaries abroad and local ministry in Galax, the congregation has participated in many direct mission projects, supporting individuals and mission teams throughout the world.


Through the years there have been many contributions made, either monetarily, structurally, or needed additions to make the church's operation and ministry more effective. Many of these are listed on a memorial and honorarium board in the church, however, the history of First Baptist Church of Galax is filled with many other people and events which are not mentioned in this brief summary. The 100 years of the church's life are really the story of a group of Baptist people in Galax who have tried to be the church. It is these people who are the church.

Reverend W. L. Richardson 1905-1907
Reverend W. J. Banks 1907-1909
Reverend Sam N. Hurst 1910-1911
without pastor
Reverend R. K. Johnson 1913-1914
Reverend E. S. Vaughan 1914-1915
Reverend C. E. Anderson 1915-1916
Reverend G. A. Chocklett 1920-1923
Reverend A. C. McGee First Full time 1923-1925
Reverend J. R. Johnson 1926-1933
Reverend John Leslie Hart 1933-1936
Reverend Herbert R. Carlton 1937-1952
Reverend Robert F. Cochran 1952-1057
Reverend 1. P. Gulley 3 month intern 1958
Reverend Joe Hough, Jr. summer intern 1958
Reverend R. Claxton Hall 1958-1962
Reverend Charles F. Leake 3 month intern
Reverend L. D. Ussery interim
Reverend James G. Pickens 1962-1976
Dr. Charles Taylor interim
Dr. Kenneth Hemphill 1977-1981
Dr. William Palmer 1981-1984
Dr. Donald Reid 1984-1988
Dr. Leon H. Hollingworth interim
Dr. Carroll Golden 1988-1995
Reverend Brent Bond interim 1988
Dr. Lawrence Childs interim 1996-1997
Reverend David E. Slayton 1997-2002
Dr. Paul Parker interim 2002-2003
Reverend Gene T. Strickland 2003-

First Baptist Church

Ordained to the Gospel Ministry
1932 Thomas Fryer
1968 David Roberts
1971 Hilton Moore
1979 Joe Northcutt
1979 Jeff Bedwell
Paul Northern
John LaRue
1997 Betsy Rector Wright




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