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Galax Remembered

A book written about Galax's past.

First Families of Galax

A book about some of the first people in Galax.

Music of the Mountains

A place to hear some local music!

Welcome to the Galax Scrapbook

The Galax Scrapbook is an online collection of early Galax history and current events, all of interest to today’s citizens. The purpose of this website is to introduce or reacquaint you with the history of Galax - its industrial history, the events that shaped our community and the people who built and sustained it. There are many people, born and raised in Galax, who are living in other communities but still want to stay connected to their town and friends. There is a wide variety of categories so be sure to view the entire site.

The Galax Scrapbook, with images of yesterday and today, will help create a greater interest in our town and its future. You can view images like the original First National Bank Building, Miss America Kylene Barker, Medal of Honor winner Sgt. Charles Morris, the fire at Vaughan Bassett Furniture Companyand Bill Halsey, Galax's Potentate to Kazim Temple

This site is a work in progress so if you have images, information, articles, “I Remember” stories or corrections please send them to the email or address on the right. I can also scan items in old scrapbooks, newspapers, annuals, and etc. and include them on this site. Any items you are no longer interested in keeping in your possession can be turned over to the Matthews Museum in Galax so that others may enjoy and benefit from the history.

To read more about the site and what you can find, please visit our ABOUT US page

Thanks for your interest,

John J Nunn

If you would like information on having a Scrapbook Page similar to this for your Community, Club, Church or Business, drop me a line.

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