• In early 20's Prince Burnett bought the Grayson Gazette from Mr. Barbery in Independence and moved it to Galax. Called it the Grayson Carroll Gazette for a while.
  • Galax Furniture sold to the Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company.
  • Image R. A. Anderson started his Blue Ridge Bus Lines... local ladies seen in window.
  • Add  info about Matthews move to South main Street and Vass Kapp on the corner page 26
  • Galax charter changed to a town manager form of Government and I. G. Vass became the first town manager.
  • The Crabill's  moved the Blue Ridge Printing and Galax Post Herald to the West Side of South Main Street, so the BLuemont Hotel could be built on the location.
  • Dr. J K Caldwell and his family began construction of the Bluemont Hotel on the corner occupying the  West side of Main Street and North Side of Center Street
  • Vaughan Furniture began production in 1923
  • Galax got its first paved street
  • S. R. Dixon began a sawmill and in 1930.  It was called S R Dixon lumber company.
  • Higgins Oil Company  formed  this year by Macamet Higgins
  • J. V. Webb started Web Furniture company
  • Galax Knitting Company began operation in 1924 with J. T. Pollard as President and  organizer. H L Harris was VP.
  • Galax Rotery Club founded in 1924
  • Galax Furniture Company started by C L Smith . Located between Vaughan Bassett and Webb Furniture companies.
  • Galax Furniture Company established in 1925 by C. L. Smith
  • McGuffy Coomes father of Robert Coomes) a Federal revenue agent, killed behind what was later Martins Clreaners, in  a "Moonshiners' capture.
  • Galax Hospital and Clinic  was opened on July 1st by Dr. J. K. Caldwell. He had  contracted with J. E. Davis & Sons to build the first Hospital in Galax on Center Street, a 30 bed facility.
  • Appalachian Power began supplying power to Galax March 4,  1926
  • John Messer Sr. came to Galax and started the Galax Mirror company in a shack behind Webb Furniture Co.
  • First Baptist Church moves to North Main Street. The Friends (Quakers) bought the church from the Baptist that year. IMAGE

  • Coca-Cola Bottling plant opens on East Oldtown street
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